The right drilling, milling or sawing solution for every field of application

Whether kitchen / office furnishings, window elements or acoustic furniture

Machines for the production of kitchens, windows, furniture or acoustic panels have one thing in common: a large number of precise holes are required and the drilling speed is decisive for the throughput times. Shorter production cycles and high throughput with great precision are, after all, desired in many industries. The perfectly matched drive components of the machining modules make an important contribution to this. In addition, our product portfolio offers further application possibilities for dry machining in milling and sawing. 


High-performance drilling

It takes 17 seconds for the ToolDrives IHS-ADU system (Intelligent High Speed Automatic Drilling Unit) to drill 100 holes with a diameter of 6 mm into a coated composite wood panel 6 mm deep. The integrated suction system ensures a clean working environment and drill holes without residual chips.

Kitchen production line

Process-monitored drilling unit with exhibition of type BV-032-02-050 in a CNC machining centre for the automated production of kitchen furniture. The integrated valves for the feed stroke are switched via the LCM (Live Cycle Management) built into the module and the exact position of the tool spindle is recorded.

Caravan production

The compact drilling spindles type BV032-01-00 with pneumatic feed drill caravan components from below and thus form an important component in the complex caravan production. Due to the limited installation height, the powerful direct drives are ideally suited for installation in confined spaces.  

Window elements

In the area of flexible production of building elements such as windows and doors, robot solutions are being used more and more frequently. The very light drilling modules in the 32 grid are perfectly suited for this.  

Furniture drilling

Test drilling in solid beech board with 15 mm fitting drill at a speed of 12,000 revolutions and a feed rate of 15 mm per minute with the compact module type CV064-01-000 and the feed unit LFU060.



Milling of aluminium profiles with compact module, 8 mm single-cutter milling cutter, feed rate 3000 mm/min; 19,000 revolutions 

window elements

Milling with Compactmodul with 8 mm cutter at 70mm/sec feed and 20.000 revolutions of aluminium profile for slots in door and window elements.  

window element

Flexible Roboter-Fräsbearbeitung mit einem Compactmodul in einer typischen Bauelemente Anwendung zeigt eine Nut-Fräsung und Bohrbearbeitung  an einem Kunststoff-Holz Element.


CNC – Milling with 14 mm cutter of drawer elements with Compactmodul CV064-01-000 .


Nesting or formatting of furniture panels with 12 mm router on the compact module with a peak power of 3.9 KW ensures fast processing of your requirements with minimum space requirements.



Grooving saws with compact module (bottom right) in a CNC machining centre for the production of furniture parts. (n=12.00 rpm, 20m/min feed rate).

Möbeleinrichtung Sägen

15 mm Nuttiefe in Buche mit Ø150×6,0/4,0×30 Z12 Sägeblatt mit Compactmodul  9.000 rpm 10m/min Vorschub


Cutting of PU-foamed roller shutter slats from roll-formed aluminium with the Compact Module with saw holder, 11,900 rpm, 160 mm saw blade diameter for clean and precise cutting edges.

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