Feeding Units 

Automatic Drilling Unit

The process-monitored, intelligent high-performance spindle for dry machining is built in a high-quality aluminum housing. The drilling spindle is driven by an encapsulated dust-tight, controlled feed unit with a servo motor. Both drives are controlled by two single servo controllers (SSC). The intelligent process monitoring detects drill breakage and wear.

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Product highlights

  1. Drilling DNA

    The intelligent coordination of tool, material, spindle speed and feed rate ensure optimum drilling results.

  2. Easy adaptation

    Slot profiles and compactness make the IHD-ADU easy to integrate and retrofit into existing machine concepts as well as robot applications.

  3. Extensible

    The ToolDrives modular system allows the entire Basic and Compact Line series to be attached to the Linear Feed Unit (LFU) for the available stroke lengths of 50 - 300 mm via standardized adapter flanges.

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