Feed unit

Linear Feed Unit

The Linear Feed Unit always ensures the correct feed rate and precise infeed of the machining modules. The LFU with an integrated ball screw drive, including the guide, enables high feed forces and high positioning and repeat accuracy. The rotational movement of the threaded spindle is converted into a linear movement of the pressure tube on which the module adapter plate is mounted.

The compact nature of the Linear Feed Unit allows easy adaption to existing machine concepts and systems.

The ToolDrives system enables the mounting of different units between 50 - 300mm.

Speeds of up to 1000mm/sec. and high positioning accuracy bring your application to the point.

Automatic Drilling Unit

The process-monitored, intelligent high-performance spindle for dry machining is built into a high-quality aluminium housing. The drilling spindle is driven by a dustproof, controlled feed unit with a servo motor. Both drives are controlled by two single servo controllers (SSC). The intelligent process monitoring system detects drill breakage and wear.

The intelligent coordination of tool, material, spindle speed and feed rate ensure optimum drill result.

Due to its grooved profi els and compactness, the IHS-ADU is easy to integrate and retrofit into existing machine concepts and robot applications.

The ToolDrives modular system allows the entire Basic and Compact Line series to be mounted to the Linear Feed Unit (LFU) for the available stroke lengths of 50 - 300mm via standardized adapters fl anges.

Linear Slider Unit

The Linear Slider Unit with integrated linear motor, positioning encoder and guide is a ready-to-install system with very low design effort for the integration of different applications. The LSU is used where extremely high dynamics and highest accuracy are required. For both horizontal and vertical applications, the ToolDrives processing modules can always be moved into the correct position.

Every single Linear Slider Unit (LSU) unfolds in the smallest installation space an enormous feed force and thus easily accelerates your processes.

Loads up to 150kg are positioned with highest dynamics up to μm exactly by the Linear Silder Unit (LSU).

The Linear Slider Unit (LSU) can be installed in a wide variety of X, Y, Z kinematics and, thanks to its modular structure, offers a constant stream of new solution variants.

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