Processing modules

Basic Line Modul

The variants of the Basic Line modules are compatible with each other according to the underlying modular principle. Especially for changing requirements the customer always have the flexibility to use exactly the processing module which fulfils the requirements best – and this without changing the productivity level.

Powerful servomotors allow higher speed, which ultimately results in shorter processing times result.

Due to the compact design of the modules a higher acceleration and therefore a higher processing speed is possible.

The modular connector system offers the necessary flexibility to always adapt the module arrangement to your individual requirements.

Zero lift

Due to the high power density with two fixed tool spindles in 32mm grid, the zero-stroke modules are ideally suited for machining in the throughfeed area. If only one fixed tool spindle is required, the single machining module is ideal in addition to the main spindle or for retrofitting existing systems.

If a large number of holes are drilled simultaneously in a very short time, the zero stroke module is used. Each spindle delivers full power and each tool is driven at the optimum speed.

Due to the modular system in 32mm grid, any configuration can be built up. The frame carries the modules.

The extremely dynamic feed of the fixed drilling units is ensured by the Linear Slider unit. For applications with few strokes per time unit, we recommend the ToolDrives Linear Feed Unit.

Extension modules

The machining modules of this series have two independently controllable spindles in 32mm grid with 50mm stroke. This allows you to adjust the drilling pattern quickly and variably, making extension modules perfectly suited for stationary machining. You also have the option of choosing a module with integrated valve technology in addition to the version with external valves.

Only the drill that is currently required for the machining task can be controlled via the pneumatic feed stroke. Spindles that are not required remain retracted.

The pilor control is performed via external pneumatic valves or via integrated valves. If LCM sensores are installed, the spindle position is monitored and transferred to the control system.

The feed of the drilling unit into the material to be machined is done by ToolDrives Linear Feed Unit or the Z-axis of the CNC machining center.

Exhaust unit

Both clean surfaces and drill holes without residual chips are the main requirements for the extraction technology. Especially when processing carbon or composite materials, critical dusts that are hazardous to health can be generated. The ToolDrives extraction technology extracts through the very adaptable, flexible bellows directly on the process, where the chips are produced.

The innovative and integrated suction directly on the tool spindle ensures a clean working environment and clean drill holes without residual chips.

The flexible vacuum bellows on the ToolDrives drilling spindle adapts to the interfering contours of the workpiece to be machined and sucks the chips clean and efficient.

The two-part, centered extraction unit is removed simply by removing the lockingpin. This allows a very fast tool change.

Compact Line

The processing modules of the Compact Line are extremely robust and have an enormous power density. Depending on the design of the tool holder, applications include drilling, milling, deburring, thread cutting, polishing and sawing. The high concentricity, the size and the robust bearings make the Compact Module a real all-rounder.

Greatest possible fl exibility through variable design of the cable outlet, various screw connection options and a choice of saw or ER20 tool holder.

With an overall length of less than 170mm, the Compact Modules are ideally suited for the insertion of horizontal drill holes.

The extremely powerful synchronous motor with >2kW enables the application in high-end machining areas such as slot sawing and pot band drilling.

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