Control Box

With the control box you receive a completely set up and parameterized automation platform. This means that you save yourself the usual individual procurement of electronic components such as controller, power supply unit and drive controller. In addition, this eliminates the need for subsequent complex installation and programming. This saves you time and money.

Automation platform with fully integrated power and control electronics and associated control software for operating and monitoring the processing modules.

The intelligent Single Servo Controllers (SSC) in book format and control cabinet design are used for central automation solutions.

Depending on the application, the SSC is used as a rotary spindle drive (SD) or as a controlled feed drive (LFU) and is controlled via the I/O or fi eld bus level.

Single Servo Controller

The intelligent Single Servo Controllers (SSC) in book format and control cabinet design are used for central automation solutions. Depending on the application, the SSC is used as a rotary spindle drive (SD) or as a controlled feed drive (LFU) and is controlled via the I/O or fieldbus level. Pre-programmed electronics and simple setup software tools enable fast commissioning.

Leistungsstarke Servomotoren ermöglichen höhere Drehzahlen, worass im Endeffekt kürzere Durchlaufzeiten resultieren.

Die Kompaktheit der Module lassen eine höhere Beschleunigung und damit eine höhere Bearbeitungsgeschwindigkeit zu.

Das modulare Stecksystem bietet die nötige Flexibilität, die Modulanordnung stets an Ihre individuellen Anforderungen anzupassen.

Life Cycle Management

The Life Cycle Management (LCM) comprises both the functionality of the Condition Monitoring on the software side as well as the functionality of the LCM electronics and sensors on the hardware side. The LCM electronics is a microprocessor board integrated in the processing modules, which communicates with the Tool Manager of the Control Box.

LCM microprocessor board switches the pneumatics, processes sensor signals from the output unit, stores the error history and provides information about the characteristics of the processing module.

Fine-resolution, integral and intelligent sensor technology reliably and precisely controls the powerful drive elements for your dry machining.

Patented, linear measuring systems in the module always detect the correct position for the selected application and thus provide monitored safety in your processes.

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