Directly driven processing units for CNC and robotics

For applications in dry machining and surface technology

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Products for every application

Drive technology for dry machining for drilling, sawing, milling, grinding and deburring


Processing units

The machining units form the basis of the system. All high-performance motor spindles in synchronous technology are offered in <32 mm pitch as Basic Line or in 64 mm pitch as Compact Line.

The machining units include the Basic Line Modules and Compact Line Modules, which are compatible with each other thanks to the modular principle.

Linear Feed Unit

Feeding units

The feed units form the mechatronic connection between the machining units, the suction technology and the material to be machined. Only with the right feed unit consisting of a rigid guide, the stroke, force and feed speed can a perfect result be achieved.

Control Box für die Automation


Both the Control Box also in format mini and the Single Servo Controller offer a fully equipped automation platform for your requirements. This means you save yourself the otherwise usual individual purchases of electronic components such as control, power supply and drive controller.

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Why we are your strong partner in drive technology.

As a pioneer, ToolDrives is firmly convinced that the new, innovative and sustainable technology will prevail. In all our activities, the customer and the application benefit are always in the foreground. The 3-pillar portfolio includes high-speed rotary machining units, intelligent high-precision feed drives and an adapted open automation platform for demanding system applications. You benefit through:

  • Short lead times
  • High quality bores
  • Space-saving machine concepts
  • Efficient use of energy and materials
  • Flexible expansion
  • Reduction of stock


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