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furniture production

Fertigung Trockenbearbeitung

More efficiency in furniture production

Particularly for the production of furniture and kitchens, many individual, precise holes are required. The drilling speed is a decisive factor in determining the throughput time. The optimum tool speed is set depending on the drill diameter. The perfectly matched drive components of the machining modules from ToolDrives make an important contribution to this. The ToolDrives spindles have a highly effective energy-saving synchronous motor with high efficiency and a matching controller, which means that the spindles can be driven individually and higher speeds can be achieved.
Exakte Bohrungen im Kleiderschrank

DNA of dry processing

A typical feature of furniture construction is the limited space available. However, our powerful direct drives are significantly more space-saving and lighter than conventional solutions. In addition, the metering of the feed and the speed adjustment are important, since the drilling module has to drill into a kitchen panel, for example, with a different feed force and speed than when drilling into a different material. We call the intelligent matching of tool, material, spindle speed and feed rate the "DNA of dry machining".

Your benefits at a glance

  1. Shorter production cycles

    The individual spindle drives allow higher speeds to be achieved, with significantly increased productivity.

  2. Flexibility

    The modular system allows fast and flexible adaptation to new requirements and hole patterns.

  3. Process monitoring

    Our process-monitored drilling units for automated production record, for example, the exact position of the tool spindle for consistent quality

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