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Exhibition Chemnitz April24

In-house exhibition at the Chemnitz Technology Center

The 23rd in-house exhibition at the Chemnitz Technology Center proved to be the ideal platform to present our machining solutions with robots. The valuable feedback and inspiring conversations underlined the importance of robot-guided automation solutions as an effective answer to the skills shortage.

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Grip Workshop in Büren

Workshop with Grip in Büren

Robots and cobots are highly adaptable tools that can be used in a wide range of industries. From the automotive industry to food processing, they offer effective solutions for a wide range of requirements. However, the performance of these machines often depends heavily on the end effectors used.

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1-Spindler mit Yaskawa

ToolDrives Basic Line & Yaskawa Motoman GP4 teamwork

Industrial robots and lightweight, efficient synchronous motor spindle technology successfully automate the manufacturing processes for customer-specific polyurethane timing belts at Walter Rothermundt GmbH & Co. KG.

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Robots on Tour

"Robots and ToolDrives on Tour"

"Robots on Tour" - ToolDrives was part of the Universal Robotics roadshow in Innsbruck on November 6, 2023. In a captivating setting at the MCI Management Center in the heart of Innsbruck,

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MMS in Magdeburg

Robot-guided grinding in Magdeburg

On October 11th, a highly informative event took place on the premises of the Magdeburg Welding Technical School (SLM), which was organized by the SLM in collaboration with Magdeburger Schweisstechnik GmbH (MSS).

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Nordbo CraftMate andToolDrives

CraftMate intelligence for future manufacturing

Denmark: “Revolutionizing robot grinding with CraftMate’s cutting-edge technology!” That was the motto of the test application on a ship’s propeller. Nordbo Robotics CraftMate supplemented with ToolDrives Compact module

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