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Grip Workshop in Büren

Workshop with Grip in Büren

Robots and cobots are highly adaptable tools that can be used in a wide range of industries. From the automotive industry to food processing, they offer effective solutions for a wide range of requirements. However, the performance of these machines often depends heavily on the end effectors used.

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1-Spindler mit Yaskawa

ToolDrives Basic Line & Yaskawa Motoman GP4 teamwork

Industrial robots and lightweight, efficient synchronous motor spindle technology successfully automate the manufacturing processes for customer-specific polyurethane timing belts at Walter Rothermundt GmbH & Co. KG.

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Robots on Tour

"Robots and ToolDrives on Tour"

"Robots on Tour" - ToolDrives was part of the Universal Robotics roadshow in Innsbruck on November 6, 2023. In a captivating setting at the MCI Management Center in the heart of Innsbruck,

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MMS in Magdeburg

Robot-guided grinding in Magdeburg

On October 11th, a highly informative event took place on the premises of the Magdeburg Welding Technical School (SLM), which was organized by the SLM in collaboration with Magdeburger Schweisstechnik GmbH (MSS).

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Nordbo CraftMate andToolDrives

CraftMate intelligence for future manufacturing

Denmark: “Revolutionizing robot grinding with CraftMate’s cutting-edge technology!” That was the motto of the test application on a ship’s propeller. Nordbo Robotics CraftMate supplemented with ToolDrives Compact module

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Haption remote-metalworking

Remote metalworking with Haption

Grind steel remotely – safely and without protective clothing for the operator. Haption develops, produces and markets forcefeedback teleoperation solutions with up to 6 degrees of freedom. The combination of the innovative Haption technology together with the powerful ToolDrives Compact modules

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ToolDrives/Elite multi-applications

ToolDrives/Elite multi-applications

In August 2023, we at ToolDrives successfully completed the qualification for multi-applications together with the elite team. With a special plugin, we now enable user-friendly and quick programming of our Basic and Compact modules for drilling, milling, deburring, grinding, polishing and much more.

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RBTX Robotics and ToolDrives

RBTX Robotix and ToolDrives in perfection

With low-cost systems, quality and speed are crucial. The RBTX Robotix platform provides the ideal environment in which customers and manufacturers can work hand in hand. ToolDrives shares our enthusiasm and know-how and is available to all platform users.

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Tom Dixon Kunstausstellung in Dänemark

Tom Dixon meets ToolDrives in Denmark

Machining technology and art were presented in a fascinating fusion at the art exhibition from June 8th to 9th, 2023 at the Bruun Rasmussen auction house in Nordhavn, Denmark.

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Bearbeitung von Küchenbauteilen mit dem Sägeblatt und Compact Line Modul

Machining of kitchen components - sawing

Highest precision for machining kitchen components with the CV064-01-000 compact module: Experience outstanding performance and efficiency in the manufacture of kitchen components.

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ToolDrives ist auf der Intec in Leipzig

ToolDrives at Intec fair 2023

Tooldrives will be present at the Intect Fair 2023 from 07.03 to 10.03 in Leipzig! Don't miss the chance to meet us at the show to learn about innovative tool drive solutions.

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UnUR+ Zertifizierung des Compact Line Module

UR+ Certification Compact Line Module

As a new UR+ partner, ToolDrives offers the powerful Compact module for robot-guided machining processes. The UR+ ecosystem is the leading platform for end-of-arm tooling solutions in cobot applications and enables companies to optimize their manufacturing processes.

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ToolDrives ist auf der Xito Plattform

New listing on the Xito platform

ToolDrives new on the XITO platform, a manufacturer-independent marketplace for automation with robots.

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Laptop mit Videoaufzeichnung des Bearbeitungsmoduls von ToolDrives

Videos produktinnovatios

Product innovations explained simply as a 3D clip - first season online

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Inbetriebnahme der Maschine für Fräsungen

With sensitivity to the perfect hole

At the end of the day, the symbiosis of all system components enables our customers to drill perfect holes in a short time [Digital Engineering Magazin Antriebstechnik].

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Fräsungen in eine MDF-Platte

Servo motors for intelligent feed

In dry machining of wood, aluminum, individually adjustable, finely dosed drilling is important. This is possible with the drive elements from ToolDrives and specially modified servo motors from Groschopp. [Drive Technology]

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Kristian Meier bei der Einrichtung des Bearbeitungsaggregats

Put an end to waste

The current crisis raises the question of when the economy's growth engine will start up again. The main issues for the future are resources, energy and climate. Here, there is great potential for savings in the area of energy-efficient drive systems. [HOB Woodworking]

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Unternehmensbroschüre ToolDrives

Image brochure

Our ToolDrives image brochure is now available! Browse through our product portfolio and find out more about our products!

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Wartung des Compact Line Moduls

Powerful drive technology for fast drilling

New high-speed drilling units aim to make woodworking more efficient. [Konstruktions Praxis]

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Inbetriebnahme der Maschine für Fräsungen

The DNA of drilling

Intelligent machining modules with finely adjustable feed. [Groschopp AG]

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