Remote metalworking with Haption

Grind steel remotely – safely and without protective clothing for the operator. Haption develops, produces and markets forcefeedback teleoperation solutions with up to 6 degrees of freedom. The combination of the innovative Haption technology together with the powerful ToolDrives Compact modules with a cobot or robot leads to safe applications. The image shows an example of a grinding application during testing in September. A citation about the result from Jean-François de Sallier: “Well done, ToolDrives! Their range of compact tools and plug & play kits offers the opportunity to transform industries (including the metal industry)! Various tests presented technologies that help industry players overcome their challenges, including: strenuous work, development of work skills, profitability through the integration of advanced robotics. “ ToolDrives is looking forward to many new projects together with Haption.