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Cobot processing

Setup von UR-Cobot inkl. Bohrmodul

Automate your processes

Collaborative robots - cobots, are ideally suited for the automation of small and medium series in production in close cooperation with the skilled personnel. When combined with the powerful Compact Line Module, the cobot becomes a true all-rounder colleague. The system can be used for many dry machining applications such as drilling, milling, deburring, brushing, grinding, polishing and sawing.

Cooperative work with the cobot

Skilled workers are relieved of heavy, monotonous work through cooperative work with cobots. At the same time, productivity, quality and flexibility are increased. Through the innovative step towards Industry 4.0, the company is seen as an attractive, future-oriented and ergonomic employer.

Automatic tool change

With the ER20 tool interface, all round tools from 2-13 mm can be used. With the optional AOCS quick tool change system from the Bilz company, you can work with different tools without interruptions.

Your advantages at a glance

  1. Scalability

    Scalability and the ability to integrate automation into higher-level control systems simplify many tasks.

  2. Process-monitored

    Sensors and intelligent software monitor your processes and ensure the high quality of your products and solutions.

  3. Intelligent

    State-of-the-art processor technology with short sampling times for fast decisions in the complex process chain ensure your success.

Universal Robots + Zertifizierung

Our Compact Line Module is ur+ certified

Our Compact Line Module is UR+ certified, which means it can be seamlessly integrated with Universal Robots collaborative robots. The UR+ ecosystem is the leading platform for end-of-arm tooling solutions in cobot applications, enabling companies to optimize their manufacturing processes with the help of cobots.

To Universal Robots

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