Inbetriebnahme der Maschine für Fräsungen

Powerful drive technology for dry machining

As a young company, ToolDrives focuses on the market for direct-driven, process-monitored high-speed dry machining. The holistic process of machining is always considered. 

As a pioneer, ToolDrives is firmly convinced that the new, innovative and sustainable technology will prevail. The main market is currently the DACH region. Patents secure the independent company.

Teamfoto von ToolDrives

Focus on the customer

The customer and the application benefit are always in the foreground in all our activities. The 3-pillar portfolio includes high-speed rotary machining units, intelligent high-precision feed drives and an adapted open automation platform for demanding system applications. Any ToolDrives product from the 3 segments can always be offered as a component only. Partner networks in the field of tools and automation support the company in the markets - always for the optimal customer solution.


Exhibition Chemnitz April24

In-house exhibition at the Chemnitz Technology Center

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Grip Workshop in Büren

Workshop with Grip in Büren

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1-Spindler mit Yaskawa

ToolDrives Basic Line & Yaskawa Motoman GP4 teamwork

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Robots on Tour

"Robots and ToolDrives on Tour"

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MMS in Magdeburg

Robot-guided grinding in Magdeburg

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Nordbo CraftMate andToolDrives

CraftMate intelligence for future manufacturing

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