Right from the start! After the jointly developed concept and the subsequent factory assembly of the products, we will of course also support you during commissioning at your premises or at your customer's site. You benefit from our know-how and experience to save valuable engineering resources and costs. Our experienced employees are very well trained and work according to the latest VDE standards.

Mitarbeiter führen Service durch

Our service - your benefit!

We offer you an individual, customer-specific and solution-oriented total package. You should not be afraid to contact us to find a way together. We offer competent advice, can react quickly to requests and can also visualize a solution worked out in conversation with you by CAD.

Fertigungslinie von Bearbeitungsaggregaten


After purchasing a ToolDrives product, you will not be left on your own, of course. Our trained staff will also be happy to take care of commissioning and after-sale service.

Inbetriebnahme Bohrmodul für Holzbearbeitung

Pilot plant trials

In order to determine the optimum process and machining parameters for your applications, we have the possibility to determine the interaction of material, tool, speed, feed rates and the suitable machining unit in our technical center. This is the only way to achieve a time-optimized, perfect and repeatable result. In addition to a 5-axis machine, a 6kg and 12kg cobot are waiting for your tasks.

Online training and commissioning

Of course, we provide training and online commissioning in a cost-effective manner directly from our technical center. From setting up the setup together with specific application questions and parameter suggestions to training as a power user with power monitoring evaluations of your application. High-quality equipment is available for this purpose, including recording everything trained “on the fly” with the best video and sound quality.