Basic Line Modul für alle Oberflächen

Processing unit

Basic Line Modul

The Basic Line processing modules impress with their narrow and slim design and their low weight. They are particularly well suited for precise drilling in wood, plastic and composite materials. In addition, they enable efficient milling, deburring, grinding and polishing with smaller tools. When it comes to tool holders, both an ER11 collet and a Weldon holder are available.

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Product highlights

  1. Faster

    The use of a low-inertia synchronous motor with high spindle speeds enables extremely short drilling cycles.

  2. Light

    The module's low weight and compact form factor enable it to be attached to collaborative robots and transform your cobot into a multi-axis CNC machine.

  3. Individual

    Various attachment variants, flanges and tool holders offer the necessary flexibility to adapt the basic modules to your individual requirements at any time.

Product images

Basic Line Modul für alle Oberflächen
Basic Line Modul für alle Oberflächen
Basic Line Modul für alle Oberflächen
Basic Line Module mit Bürste
Basic Line Modul mit Getriebe
Basic Line in processing


Further product details can be found in our associated data sheets.

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