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Basic Line Modul

The variants of the Basic Line modules are compatible with each other in accordance with the underlying modular principle. Particularly in the case of changing requirements, you, as the customer, thus always have the flexibility to use exactly the processing module that best meets your needs - and with the same productivity.

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Product highlights

  1. Faster

    Powerful servo motors enable higher speeds, which ultimately result in shorter throughput times.

  2. Light

    Due to the compact nature of the modules, a higher acceleration and thus a higher processing speed is possible.

  3. Individual

    The modular plug-in system offers the necessary flexibility to always adapt the module arrangement to your individual requirements.

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Technical data

without exhibition with exhibition
Module type BV032-01-000 BV032-02-000 BV032-01-050 BV032-02-050
Engine type Three-phase synchronous motor
Direction of motor rotation Left-hand rotation (in view of the direction of tool rotation)
Speed range nmin-1 2.000 - 18.000
Max. operating speed
(depending on the tool holder)
nmaxmin-1 High Speed Weldon: 12.000
ER 11: 14.000
High Speed Weldon: 12.000
ER 16: 17.000
Exhibition mm - 50
Valve technology - extern or
Number of tool spindles 1 2 1 2
Weight kg 1.3 1.9 extern: 2.4
integrated: 2.7
extern: 3.4
integrated: 3.7
Seal air volume Ql/min 12.5 25 -
Operating pressure bar 0.3 7.0
Filter class
DIN ISO 8573-1
µm 0.01 (class 1) 5 (class 3)
Compressed air quality
DIN ISO 8573-1
free of dirt, oil and water
Max. axial force
on the motor spindle
FmaxN 300
max. performance
PmaxW 1.200
max. electricity
ImaxA 6
max. torque
MmaxNcm 100
Terminal resistance RttΩ 11,6
Terminal inductance LttmH 5,1
Torque constant KtNm / A 0,17
Number of pole pairs p 3
Protection class IP 54
max. permissible enclosure temperature °C +80
Ambient temperature °C +15 bis +40
Relative humidity rF% ≤ 85
Insert height above NNm ≤ 1.000


Further product details can be found in our associated data sheets.

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