ToolDrives/Elite multi-applications

In August 2023, we at ToolDrives successfully completed the qualification for multi-applications together with the elite team. With a special plugin, we now enable user-friendly and quick programming of our Basic and Compact modules for drilling, milling, deburring, grinding, polishing and much more. We carried out our qualification with the CS63, a 3 kilo payload robot. It was an exciting experience working with a "size" like this and as you can see from the picture, the proportions fit our ToolDrives modules perfectly. Even more important, however, is the weight of our modules, which is unsurpassed with a power of up to 4 kW and a weight of only 2 kg for the Compact module and up to 1.2 kW and a weight of only 1 kg for the Basic module is. Tradesmen can now get started quickly and flexibly with this simple, individual solution. Experience the future of multi-applications with ToolDrives and the Elite team!