ToolDrives Basic Line & Yaskawa Motoman GP4 teamwork

Industrial robots and lightweight, efficient synchronous motor spindle technology successfully automate the manufacturing processes for customer-specific polyurethane timing belts at Walter Rothermundt GmbH & Co. KG. The company, a pioneer in polyurethane timing belt technology, has worked intensively in recent months on optimizing the complex processes in-house. The choice for robot technology fell on the MOTOMAN GP4, the smallest 6-axis robot in the GP series from Yaskawa. The Basic Module Line of ToolDrives takes on crucial drilling and milling tasks with speeds of up to 20,000 rpm and a peak power of up to 750 W with a moving mass of only 1 kg. The processing steps are crucial in order to adapt the timing belts to the high requirements and precision. The project is characterized by a successful symbiosis of compact robotic technology that processes complex geometries. It illustrates the advantages of flexible robot processing that can be seamlessly integrated into the existing production infrastructure. The application video illustrates the various process steps in the production of timing belts.