Control Box mini

Mini Control Box

This automation with fully integrated control and control electronics as well as additional control software for the operation and monitoring of the control module of the robot.

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The portable Mini Control Box

With the Control Box mini, the ToolDrives Module in combination with an external setup, i.e.: with a Robot or a Handheld Operator, were arranged. The Single Servo Controller-Spindle Drive-AGILE (SSC-SD-AGL) is designed as a cabinet controler with sensorless vector regulation for synchronous motors individual parameter bar and for the Tool Drives Spindle-Module of Basic- and Compact-Line adapted. Here is a special software with max. operating frequency: 1600 Hz at 400 V with the driver installed. The appropriate regulations due to the SSC-SD-AGL may be taken into account by the soul, as a result of the optimal maintenance of the bearing environment.


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