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Extraction unit with vacuum bag

Both clean surfaces and drill holes without residual chips are main requirements for the extraction technology. Especially when machining carbon or composite materials, critical dust hazardous to health can be generated. The ToolDrives extraction technology extracts directly at the process, where the chips occur, due to the highly adaptable, flexible bellows.

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Product highlights

  1. No residual chips

    The innovative and integrated suction directly on the tool spindle ensures a clean working environment and clean drill holes without residual chips.

  2. Adaptable

    The flexible vacuum bag on the ToolDrives drilling spindle adapts to the interfering contours of the workpiece to be machined and extracts the chips cleanly and efficiently.

  3. Quick change

    The two-part, centered suction unit is simply removed by removing the locating pin downwards. This allows a very quick tool change.

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